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The Safari B Breeding Program
Promoting History and Breed Excellence

The Safari B has truly been the “Herd of Champions” following years on the show circuit. Beautiful color, correct confirmation, and long horns were our objective, while at the same time ensuring preservation of the natural traits of hardiness, disease-resistance, and self sufficiency; calving, milking and mothering; and gentleness. We were committed not to pursue any one of these critical physical or innate characteristics at the expense of another and have consistently focused on purity in the breed in order to expect consistency in future generations.

WR cattle formed the foundation of the Safari B herd. An early daughter, Safari B Suzannah, became our best producing female during her life and over 95% of our current herd goes back to the great bull Don Quixote. Many of our current cattle represent the 9th and 10th generation of Safari B cattle. Suzannah Black, a granddaughter of Suzannah, was the longest-horned black cow in the breed at the time and sold for $15,200 at our 1994 sale.

In addition to Don Quixote, our early search for the very best bulls in the breed brought “Hall of Famers” Safari B Blue Ruler, Safari B Don Quintana, Texas Ranger Jr., Mr. Measles, Safari B Oklahoma Quixote, and Safari B King Classic to our pastures. Blue Ruler’s progeny placed grand champion, first, or second 41 times over a two year period. Off the ranch, the Butler/Safari B genetic blend has produced numerous Championship cattle for breeders across the country. Multiple 2007 Horn Showcase winners carried the Safari B banner.

Dave Evans Breeder of the Year (1992)
Featured Cattleman at Bill and Shirley Clark's Annual Nacogdoches Sale (1985)


"A 'Longhorn Legend.' Dr. L. V. Baker has produced and marketed some of the best! He's one of those 'Gentlemen' you enjoy being around and talking business. We have a great deal of admiration for him and for all he's given to the Longhorn Breed. Thank you, L.V. We appreciate you, everything you stand for and have shared with us."
Bill Hudson, Jr. and Joe & Lorinda Valentine
line"Our sincere appreciation to L. V. and Pat Baker for allowing us the opportunity to own a real "herd improver."
Harvey Rasmussen

"The genuine respect and affection Pat and L. V. feel for their animals is apparent in every phase of their ranching operation."
The Longhorn Scene, June 1982

"A Legend in the Making. Peeler, WR, YO, Butler, Yates . . . Soon, another name will have to be added to that prestigious list of coveted bloodlines. At the next Longhorn sale keep your ears tuned in for pioneer breeding like Peeler, WR, Butler, Y.O., Yates, and Safari B. Safari B stresses all-around superiority."
Texas Longhorn Journal, July/August 1982

"The (Baker) sale . . . has become a tradition among Texas Longhorn breeders as an auction offering first-class cattle. This persistence in sticking to a program has paid off for the Bakers, with more and more of their cattle in demand by purebred Texas Longhorn breeders, and with those who want show animals."
The Longhorn Scene, August 1987

“The Bakers purchased their first Texas Longhorns in 1971, at the Wichita Refuge. The active couple made a strong commitment to the breed, and within three years had developed a strict breeding program. As a result, their Safari B brand became well known for quality cattle to breeders across the country."
Texas Longhorn Trails, October 1994

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