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THE HERD Of champions

The Safari B Ranch is pleased to offer its tradition-rich Texas longhorn breeding program to new and established breeders. Over 3000 cattle have proudly carried the Safari B brand.

Over 40 years ago, Pat and I embarked on this wonderful journey with the purchase of three cows, a bull, and a trophy steer from the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge (WR). In those first few years we visited the ranches of very special men and women (Frantz, Isaacs, Marks, Phillips, Schreiner, Scott, Shahan, Wright, etc.), many of whom were early founders of the TLBAA, to tap into their expertise and we began to acquire from them some of the very best cattle available to form the foundation for the cattle we wanted to raise on our western Oklahoma ranch. Charlie Schreiner III, Elvin Blevins, Elmer Parker and Eddie Wood were particularly instrumental in helping to forge our vision and search for the perfect cattle.

Our energy and commitment to the breed took two equally important forms:

• Raising, and offering for sale, the very best cattle possible through careful genetic blending focused on the complete, correct package of horn, color, and conformation.

• Sharing what we learned with other breeders. This included a substantial commitment to growing and strengthening breed association member services, including judging countless shows and serving as TLBAA President in 1982-4. Special highlights for us during this time included formation of the TLBT and the National Youth Show; an increase in the number of affiliates from 5 to 18 and initiation of the affiliate presidents organization; completion of computerization of all TLBAA registration and other records; establishment of the Breeder of the Year recognition; and acquisition of the beautiful T.D. Kelsey 32-ft. long bronze statue known as “Texas Gold” and the site in Ft. Worth’s Cowtown where it now resides.

Many of you attended or have heard of the “Champagne” sale we held annually for several years, one of the premier sales in the breed and, along with the YO sale, the first that promoted fellowship and elegant hospitality. After over 20 years of extensive travel to sales and shows in support of our cattle and fellow breeders, we decided to slow down a bit and sold most of our herd in 1994, retaining 15 of our very best for us to continue to enjoy. Our children and grandchildren have each been actively involved in the ranch operation and have their own Safari B cattle. Once again, after another 14 years of production, we find ourselves in a position to significantly reduce our herd size during 2008. Please continue to watch our web site, and our ads in the Trails and the Journal, for more information on the many great animals we have for sale.

In the meantime, we thank you for taking the time to look at some of the great cattle that make up the Safari B. We count our friends in the business as dear to us as our cattle. We welcome your calls and visits at any time.

L. V. Baker M.D.


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